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The Rawness Vol. 3

The Rawness is back and better than ever! Get yourself a mash up of banging tracks from artists all over the UK, completely FREE of charge. Download it HERE now.

Part 26

Organix Part 26 Brief

Organix is back for another outing. This time we want your lyrical skills to compile 16 bars about the UK Kip Hop scene. See the briefing vid for more information.

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Organix Hip Hop is a fresh and unique UK Hip Hop platform based in North West of the UK.We produce & release music, organise huge monthly collaborations with artists from anywhere & everywhere, promote ourselves, promote you... We are what we are because we love what we do. Prizes for the winning verses in our monthly collaborations are now supplied by our sponsors - Sturban Clothing & Urban Species Be sure to check out their website at www.sturbanclothing.comWe are always looking for new people to work with on this continuous project. We really believe that it is a positive move for UK hip hop so your support is greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate anything please email Alex at - Remember to check out our forum (Courtesy of OJB on Please register!

Get Involved! Here's how it works...

Organix is a UK based mass collaboration project. We provide a banging beat with a topic and all you have to do is showcase your skills on the mic! Once the beat and topic have been decided a short video is uploaded which explains the topic in more detail. Usually, you will have about 3 weeks to pen your verses and get it recorded. . Then, the verses are merged and mastered by Dweller, then attatched to a video complete with info. Once the completed video is uploaded it is either down to YOU as the listener to vote for your favourite..Or..a guest host will pick his favourite. Winner gets £50 worth of clothing of his/her choice from Sturban Clothing & second place gets a t-shirt from Urban Species. But who cares about the prizes right? This is really about getting your name out there and we all know it. We at Organix HQ are all rappers & this is a tool which keeps you sharp, So if you're serious..USE IT!

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