The Rapalogue

Welcome to the Rapalogue

This is where you can find out all the contact information and page links for some of the artists who have been involved with Organix. To see everone who has participated click HERE for the Hall Of Fame page.


BiG PSG is a newcomer from London (Part of SG-Sense n Game) You can find him on Myspace, Youtube or Facebook. See album/mixtapes page for his material. You can email him for info on collaborating at

Ben B

Ben B is an artist and was the co-owner of GridCity Productions. He released his debut album "Reel Life Vol.1" March 2010 and has since released 'Turning Corners' and more recently 'The Road' You can find more information about Ben B on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.


Booth is a newcomer from Bolton. He is currently working on his first release with his cousin Vein which will be entitled 'Hook, Rhyme and Tinkered.' Booth has been involved on numerous Organix collaborations.

Chris Leese

Chris Leese is the UK Takeover Battle Champion and is signed to Innit Records. He is in a group called Four-Max who are currently working on their debut album. You can catch him on Myspace, Facebook and Youtube.

Diligent Fingers

" In a corner with a pen and a book! " thats where you'll find Dil, " Scribbling with Diligent Fingers ". Diligent Fingers is an MC from the North West of England. You can listen to his work on the SpynalRecords website and Myspace.


You can get Dweller on Youtube, Myspace and Facebook. His Covered Up mixtape is available for free download at Mediafire. Being the creator, Dweller appears on all the Organix collaborations which you can see on the Video pages.


EdXL 33rd Degree Grand Xaminah is an artist living in Manchester. You can cop his first release EdXL the Xaminah: Xistence-shal-izm Vol 1 HERE EdXL is a High Energy, Fire Bringing mofo that...well, doesn't really exist...he is an imposter! ;) Get him on Myspace.


A Producer and Artist hailing from North-East London providing productions for his own Music Label Milennium Jazz Music, NLT Productions, as well as artists from the UK and beyond. Link Gadget on Facebook and Myspace, cop his free release Here.

KP the Iceman

KP the Iceman is an MC from Hackney, London. He is part of the crew Asylum Seekas and has supported names such as Jehst and Foreign Beggars. You can view his work on the IcemanBeats website, Facebook and Youtube.


Magic is a rapper from Hackey in East London. You can find listen to all the freestyles and tracks that he has uploaded on Myspace and Youtube. Magic has featured on Organix in the past, look out for him in the future Organix collaborations!

Mr Payne

Mr. Payne is an artist from the South East with a passion for rhymes and flows. He has been on multiple Organix collaborations. Also, check his personal material out at Facebook, Myspace or Youtube


Scrabble is a rapper originally from Blackburn, Long time friends with Dweller. Catch him on Facebook, on the Organix collaborations and on the Organix Myspace page.


Vein is a newcomer from Bolton. He is currently working on his first release with his cousin Booth which will be entitled 'Hook, Rhyme and Tinkered.' Vein has been involved on multiple Organix collaborations and won Part 16 - Passed About.


777 is a rapper from Telford, residing in Kent. As part of the Innit Records camp, he has released Septimal Volume 1 in 2008. He is currently recording his debut album "As Above, So Below." Also part of Amass Hegemony, where he partner's up with Beit Nun, Innit Records owner/member of Macclesfield's Four-max.